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Genitofemoral Nerve (Inguinal Canal) Block


Philip Peng, M.B.B.S., F.R.C.P.C.
Associate Professor
Department of Anesthesia
University of Toronto

Rachael Seib, M.D.
Department of Anesthesia
University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Bernhard Moriggl, M.D.
Innsbruck Medical University
Innsbruck, Austria

Introduction - TOP

Genitofemoral nerve, together with iliohypogastric and ilioinguinal nerves, are known as ‘border nerves’ because these nerves supply the skin ‘bordering’ between the abdomen and thigh. The nerves, because of their course and location, are at risk of injury during lower abdominal surgery (Pfannenstiel incision, appendectomy, inguinal herniorrhaphy) or laparoscopic surgery (trocar insertion). As a result, patients may suffer from chronic post-surgical pain due to nerve injury.1,2  Patients suffering from postsurgical neuropathy present with groin pain that may extend to the scrotum or the testicle in men, the labia majora in women, and the medial aspect of thigh. Accurate diagnostic blockade of these nerves helps to elucidate the etiology of the clinical problem.


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