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ASRA is the profession organization of and for physicians who are committed to the safe and efficient practice of regional anesthesia and pain medicine. The Society offers a comprehensive range and services specifically for the professional development of regional anesthesia and pain medicine practitioners. Take advantage of these benefits today. Click here to access the online ASRA membership application.

  • Annual subscription to Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, the Society's peer-reviewed journal.
  • Support for the role of anesthesiologists in the practice of regional anesthesia and pain medicine.
  • Representation in the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) House of Delegates.
  • Representation on the ASA Committee on Regional Anesthesia and the ASA Committee on Pain Medicine.
  • Subscription to the ASRA quarterly newsletter, ASRA News.
  • Discounts on registration fees for ASRA CME Programs, including the Society's Annual Regional Anesthesia Meeting and Workshops and the Annual Pain Medicine Meeting and Workshops.
  • Resident Travel Scholarships to authors of abstracts selected for presentation as ASRA meetings.
  • Fellowship Scholarships to assist both fellows and institutions in the providing fellowships in regional anesthesia and pain medicine.
  • Funding for regional anesthesia and pain medicine related research through the Society's cooperation with the Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research (FAER).
  • Interaction with a diverse membership from community and academic practices.

Membership Demographics

International Membership
ASRA International Membership, one of the fastest growing membership segments, is rapidly approaching 1,000 members represented in 60 countries and six continents, including Canada and Mexico in North America. Click here to access the online ASRA membership application.

Domestic Membership
ASRA Domestic Membership is distributed throughout all regions of the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii, and in U.S. Territories.

ASRA features a structure of committees and task forces comprised of members who volunteer their time and expertise to further the Society's goals and mission. As a volunteer, you not only assist ASRA in developing programs and services that benefit practitioners of regional anesthesia and pain medicine, committee service helps you improve skills important to professional development, including management skills, interpersonal relations skills, communications skills, team building skills and more. You volunteer service on an ASRA committee helps to stimulate creative ideas and programs as well as places you on the path towards leadership within the Society.

ASRA members are encouraged to volunteer to serve on any of the Society's committees and task forces

Committee on Newsletter
Committee on e-News
Committee on Communication
Committee on Research
Committee on Distinguish Service Award
Committee on the Gaston Labat Award
Committee on John J. Bonica Awards
Committee on Education
Committee on Membership
Task Force on Industry Relations
Task Force on Patient Information
Annual Meeting Educational Planning Committee
Resident Section Committee

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